Grand Tourisme – Porsche Racing History in Photographs Part II 1976 – 1980

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Petrol pics, the German publishing house, published the 2nd part of their trilogy
Grand Tourismo : Porsche Racing History in photographs .

The 265 pages book , completely filled with full-color pictures , shows the racing history of Porsche from 1976-1980 in 5 chapters. Most of the photographs are from the German photographer Joseph Weitz, who was active in motorsport photography for more than 5 decades. He was well-know at the Nürburgring, where he was the only person permitted to smoke in the pit-lane during races.

1976 A new era – Porsche Turbo in Racing
1977 Single Turbo – Proven Reliability
1978 Twin Turbo – Clients get more powerful cars
1979 K like Kremer – The K3 Scores
1980 Succesful into a new decade.

Publisher : Petrolpics
Author : Robert Weber
Language : German / English
ISBN-10 : 3940306010
ISBN-13 : 978-3940306012
Limited to 911 copies

Porsche racing history in photographs Book Cover Porsche racing history in photographs
Robert Weber