CanAm - Casper Elgaard - Porsche 917 (Chassis 917/10-001)

At the Bosch Hockenheim Historic – The Jim Clark Revival  2021, at the Hockenheimring, spectators were treated to a unique spectrum in historic motorsport. Thrilling racing in all engine capacity classes and in the vehicle categories formula cars, sports prototypes, GT and touring cars, and the world premiere of the Lotus “Black&Gold Collection” by ChromeCars. Even die-hard Porsche fans, with no affection to F1, became enthusiastic by the presence of the race-cars in the iconic ‘Black and Gold’ JPS livery, 

“Black & Gold Collection” by

After a year’s break compulsory due to Corona, a total of almost 20,000 fans were drawn to the Hockenheimring at the weekend. Fortunate enough, there was virtually no rain during the weekend, except for some small periods with drops falling down. That couldn’t keep the fun away. Both on and next to the track, the hunger for speed and action was too big after a long period of silence for obvious reasons.

Porsche 917/10

Hockenheim Historic 2021
CanAm – Casper Elgaard – Porsche 917 (Chassis 917/10-001)

The presence of the Porsche 917/10-001, formerly owned by Porsche factory driver Willi Kauhsen was unannounced. In early 1971, this prototype began wind-tunnel development at Porsche’s Weissach R&D facility and ran up countless test miles—including 23 consecutive days on the Weissach skidpad. A 16-month on-track testing program saw such top-level drivers as Willi Kauhsen, Jo Siffert, Mark Donohue, and the factory’s chief test pilot, Herrman Mimler, recording laps at Weissach, Hockenheim, and the Nürburgring. This chassis also served as the test-bed for the turbocharged flat-12s that would come to dominate Group 7 Prototype racing. Willi Kauhsen acquired chassis 917/10-001 in October 1972 and used it in the Hockenheim Interseries where he finished 2nd.  The danish Casper Elgaard took the wheel of the ex Willy Kauhsen Racing Team Porsche.

Porsche 910

Hockenheim Historic 2021
HTGT um die Dunlop Trophy – Jürgen Rudolph(DEU) – Porsche 910 (Chassis 910-005)

Another full-blood racing car was the Porsche 910,  chassis 910-005.  This car is a regular guest in CER races at Peter Auto events with Uwe Brushnik at the wheel. However, at the Hockenheimring, Jürgen Rudolph drove the car to 3rd place in the HT GT um Dunlop Trophy.  This former work’s car was entered for Scooter Patrick and Gerhard Mitter in the 1967 Sebring 12 Hours. They finished third overall, winning the 2.0-liter class. Chassis 910-005’s final works appearance came at the Nürburgring where it served as the team’s T-car during practice. 

Group C

Hockenheim Historic 2021
Group C – Lars Erik Nielsen – Porsche 962 (chassis 962-162)

With great expectations, we looked forward to the Group C races at the Hockenheim Historic. Unfortunately, however, only a small number of participants showed up for what could have been a race highlight during the weekend. Former Daytona and Le Man’s winner Marco Werner drove a Gebhardt C88 powered by a Audi 5cylinder Turbo engine. In the Saturday race, a broken suspension ended his race early. But his mechanics managed to repair the car so he could get at the start on Sunday. In 1990 Porsche 962-162 was put into action in 4 races by Anthony Reid, with backing up from Kremer Racing. The car was then sold to an American collector who used it in historic events overseas. Just a few years ago the car moved back to Europe and showed up earlier in Group C races by Peter Auto

Porsche 904

Hockenheim Historic 2021
Dunlop Gentle Drivers ’65- Thorkild Stamp –Porsche 904/6 (Chassis 904-093)

Thorkild Stamp showed up in his usual Porsche 904/5 (Chassis 904-093). The car’s first owner was a Beverly Hills resident. It used to be part of the Otto Zipper Precision Motors Racing Team and was on the entry list of several races in the USA. The car changed hands several times during its lifetime, and once needed a complete restoration.

Ofcourse, lots of other Porsches joined the action at the Hockenheim Historic. Unfortunately, we were unable to get more detailed information on these cars. We noticed some Porsche 911 RSR, Porsche 964 Cup cars, and several Porsche 944 and Porsche 924. Any further information on history and ownership on any of the Porsches at the Hockenheim Historic is more than welcome. Click here to get in touch with us

Picture Gallery Hockenheim Historic 2021

Pictures courtesy Vintage Race Photography