Hurley Haywood's biography by Sean Cridland. A must have

The Hurley Haywood book, finally. That’s the least one can say. No American racer was more successful than Hurley Haywood. Nevertheless, so far nobody did the effort to dig in the life of this iconic racer. Sean Cridland however did. He started in 2014 at the inaugural Daytona Classic 24H, where Hurley Haywood competed in a 1967 Porsche 911S, that he shared with the owner Alan Benjamin and Patrick Long.

Not only is Hurley Haywood known for his impressive race career. Hurley Haywood is the world’s most successful endurance sports-car racer. 3 overall victories at Le Mans, 2 at the 12 Hours of Sebring, and five at the Rolex 24 at Daytona. Next to that, Hurley Haywood raced in the International Race of Champions (IROC) four times, the Indianapolis 500, won championships in both IMSA and SCCA, and won dozens of other races during a career spanning more than 43 years.  Hurley Haywood was one of the leading names at Brumos Automotive after Peter Gregg passed away. 

Sean Cridland tells the story of Hurley Haywood from his youth in Chicago and Illinois to his meeting with Peter Gregg, a life-changer.  The racing career of Hurley Haywood is discussed in detail, but Hurley Haywood introduced the author into his personal life too with a close relationship as a consequence.  By reading this book, you’ll learn to know the cars that Hurley Haywood drove and you aren’t surprised that Porsche plays a major role in his career. In addition, you’ll meet the people Hurley Haywood met in his life, his teammates, and the pilots he shared a car with. There’s absolutely nothing left you won’t know about Hurley Haywood, from the beginning. 

Foreword by Patrick Long

Porsche factory driver Patrick Long wrote the foreword. There are some comments by former Porsche Racing and PR director Manfred Jantke, Brumos owner Dan Davis, and Porsche technical editor Kerry Morse. As the author Sean Cridland says: This is the book that every sports car enthusiast has been waiting for: Hurley Haywood’s life story. The book has been printed in a regular edition and a limited edition of 159 copies. This book is a must in any motorsports and Porsche fan!!!  You can buy the book on Amazon, or directly from the publisher.

Hurley Haywood from the beginning sean cridland vision of power press
Hurley Haywood’s biography by Sean Cridland. A must-have


Details of Hurley: From the Beginning

Author: Sean Cridland
Publisher: Visions of Power Press
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9996896-1-5
Pages: 420 pages with 640 pictures
Available in regular edition (hardcover) and a limited edition (hardcover and dust cover) of 159 copies

Hurley : From the beginning Book Cover Hurley : From the beginning
Sean Cridland
Vision of Power Press
March 2018
420 pages & 640 pages