Born : June 29 1941

Biography Jürgen Neuhaus

Exactly as Willy Kauhsen or Leo Kinnunen, Jürgen Neuhaus was one of the audacious men of the 1970’s to tame the legendary Porsche 917. The most succesful period in the motorsport career of Jürgen Neuhaus was in the very popular Interserie. But even before that, Jürgen Neuhaus was a very succesful racer. Nearly no weekend went by without Jürgen Neuhaus climbing on the podium after a race in cars like the Porsche 906 Carrera 6 or the iconic Porsche 911.

Jürgen Neuhaus most succesful year in motorsport was 1970. Not only did he win the 200 miles of Nürnberg in a Porsche 917, Jürgen Neuhaus was vice-champion in the European GT Championship in a Porsche 911 and a triple GT victory in the Nürburgring 1000KM in the GT klass together mit Helmut Kelleners and Dieter Fröhlich. However, at the same race, year later , Jürgen Neuhaus had the greatest disappointment in his motorsport career too when he had to abandon the race in his Porsche 935, with the overall victory close by.  On the other hand : Jürgen Neuhaus realises that he has no reason to complain after a succesful motorsport career of 17 years, and surviving that. Many of his colleagues weren’t that lucky. 

Jürgen Neuhaus, who was born in Wüppertal , was a succesful businessman too. As the owner and manager of a discotheque, Jürgen Neuhaus knew to attract many motorsport fans.  After 25 years the discotheque was sold, as nightlife began to demand its tolls. 

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