Porsche 911 – The Definitive History 2004-2012


Brian Long is a trained mechanical engineer and a Porsche owner since many years. As his passion lies with Porsche, he has build a strong connection with the Porsche factory, and a thorough knowledge of the different series of Porsches that were build throughout the years. So far Brian Long has published over 70 books, including many on German cars in general and Porsche in particular.

This book ‘Porsche 911 – the definitive history 2004 – 2012’ is the sixth in a series of books published by Veloce on the history of the iconic Porsche 911. The author tells in his typical way the history of the Porsche 996 models. There’s lots of  details on all the road cars sold around the world, as well as the 996’s competition exploits.

As usual the book is illustrated with dozens of pictures and illustrations, many of them contemporary. Even the development period of the car is illustrated with rare pictures, some of them never published before. The book is a complete overview of what the Porsche 996 is and how it fits in the history of Porsche. The appendices with lots of details, including lists with chassis numbers and production figures complete the book.

The book can be recommended to anyone who is looking to buy a 2nd hand Porsche 996.  Porsche fans that want more information on the cars of this era definitely need a copy in their library too.


Author : Brian Long
Publisher : Veloce Publishing
Language : English
Pages :  208 pages • 363 pictures
ISBN: 978-1-845848-64-4

Porsche 911 Book Cover Porsche 911
Brian Long
Veloce Publishing Ltd
September 1, 2016