Kremer Racing – Eine Erfolgsstory 1962 – 2012

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When you are somewhat familiar with the history of Porsche and more particular with its race history, there’s no way the Krember brothers are unknown to you. In 1962 Manfred Kremer and Erwin Kremer founded Kremer Racing Koln. Soon they specialized in Porsche,and they became the first private team to enter the Porsche 911 in international races. The Kremer Racing team became one of the most successful private teams in motorsport history. The Kremer Racing Team won legendary races as the 1968 Spa =-Francorchamps 24H, the 1979 Le Mans 24H or the 1995 Daytona 24H. They built iconic cars that can be seen even nowadays at numerous classic races. The Porsche 935 K3 is probably the best known, but in the early 80s they even brought the Porsche 917 back to life with the Porsche 917 K81 that came up for sale at the 2017 Paris Retromobile.

Porsche Kremer Erfolgsstory Petrolpics Ulrich Trispel
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Over the years, many famous pilots joined the Kremer Racing Team : Bob Wollek , Klaus Ludwig, Rolf Stommelen, Clemens Schickentanz and John Fitzpatrick are just a few of them.

The book “Kremer Racing – Eine Erfolgstory 1962 – 2012” tells us the complete history of the Kremer Racing team from the early start in 1962 all the way to 2012. It is hard to imagine a better 50th anniversary present than this awesome book. There are pictures, most of them previously never published. And to complete the book, you can find the statistics of over 1000 races of the Kremer Racing Team, from the period the book covers.

“Kremer Racing – Eine Erfolgstory 1962 – 2012” :  this book belongs in any Porsche library. Awesome

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Kremer Racing – Eine Erfolgstory 1962 – 2012 Book Cover Kremer Racing – Eine Erfolgstory 1962 – 2012
Robert Weber, Michael Thier, Ulrich Trispel