Milou started collecting Porsche memorabilia about 9years ago, just a few months after he sold his first Porsche 911, a light ivory 1968 911L . As many enthusiasts do, he started collecting some period literature which belonged with his first car, like a toolkit, a ‘Lackstift’,the sales brochures and factory manuals. Soon he was bitten by the collectors mania, and finding Porsche memorabilia become more like a passion, not to say an obsession.

While he first focused on the 911 brochures from 1963 to 1973, the collection began growing, it became more difficult to add something to the collection and he stumbled upon other intresting stuff, like the Porsche factory accessories. So it was a small step to continue that way, and his collection grew and grew to finally become a truly overwhelming mass of memorabilia. Some of them belong to the rarest of the rare like the Gmünd brochure. Another badly sought after item is the silver 356 model, a gift from Ferry Porsche to Gerard Koch in 1962 and not to be forgotten, the set of original suitcases, which is an accessory of which only very few survice.

Not only literature, memorabilia or factory accessories will be sold but there are 6 Porsche 911’s in the auction too. One of them is particularly intresting for Jo Siffert fans, as it is the slate grey 1971 Porsche 911 S, which was a factory gift to Jo Siffert.

The auction will take place at the Ladenburg auction house in Ladenburg (Germany) , Saturday May 12. And in case you are visiting from far away, Ladenburg is just a 1,5 hour drive to Stuttgart so you might combine it with a factory or museum visit.