Motorsporthelden (Molino Verlag)

Richard von Frankenberg was a versatile man. He felt not only at ease in a race-car, pushing the pedal to the metal without fear. He had the talent to write his feelings and experiences on paper. This combination resulted in an endless list of both victories at race tracks, speed and endurance records, and books and articles, some of them under a pseudonym. The Porsche customer magazine Christophorus, the longest existing automotive customer magazine, sprouted out of his creative brain in 1952. Unfortunately, Richard von Frankenberg died in a fatal crash in 1973. Philip Fürst zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg brings tribute to this remarkable man in the book “Motorsporthelden” by bringing together some of von Frankenberg’s best articles. 

Motorsporthelden – Richard von Frankenberg sample page

Donald von Frankenberg, son of Richard and author of the biography “Richard von Frankenburg” wrote the preface to bring tribute to his father. Other prominents that knew Richard von Frankenberg in person have their own chapter in the book too. Names like Wolfgang Porsche, Hans Herrmann, Hans-Joachim Stuck and Prinz Leopold “Poldi” von Bayern will definitely make ring a bell. 

Motorsporthelden – Richard von Frankenberg sample page


The successful mixture of texts by Richard von Frankenberg and guest contributions,  but also the interesting picture material make the book really worth reading. “Motorsporthelden” is a great book about a truly “colorful man” from last century’s motorsport era. It gives an exciting insight into the adventurous life of Richard von Frankenberg and his contemporaries as a racing driver and motorsport journalist. I agree that the fact that I am passionate about Richard von Frankenberg may have influenced my review. But despite that, if you master the German language I would not hesitate. It really is a great read about stories of an era when motorsport was far more exciting than it is now.


Motorsporthelden Book Cover Motorsporthelden
Richard von Frankenberg
Molino Verlag
240 pages