Spa, a mythical name to anyone who has at least one drop of race blood in its vains. Eau Rouge, Radaillon : just a few names of curves that have are part of race history for decades. Next to the famous race-track, Spa is known for it’s thermes where you can enjoy the curing feelingof the water. Or the casino, a great place to spend the night, and try your lock at the slots or at the playing tables.

Less known however, is that in that same casino, vintage cars, parts and literature play a major role : the weekend of the Spa Oldtimer show. Don’t expect the grandeur of a Paris Retromobile or Essen Technoclassica. Not at all, but what you can expect, is a cosiness those large events can only dream off.

You can easily walk around between the cars that are offered for a fair price, look the documents that are being offered for sale, and above all : it’s a great place to meet some of the folks that made great history in the belgian racing world: What would you think to have a chat with Jean-Pierre Gaban, one of the former belgian rally masters. Or Christian Delferrier, who made fame in numerous international rally events. And how about continuing with JL Haxhe or Yvette Fontaine?Just that makes it worth the effort to make sure you’ll be in Spa next year too.