Our visit to the Dijon GP de l’Age d’Or by Peter Auto

2022 Dijon GP Age d'Or

The 3,8 km long track in the Burgundy region of Dijon hosted the 5th event of the 2022 Peter Auto Season. : the 52th edition of the Dijon GP de l’Age d’Or. 3 days long, 220 classic sports cars played the main role on the stage, characterized by corners like the Bretelle, or the uphill Parabolique.  Over 6000 visitors enjoyed the scene and atmosphere on and next to the track. And despite weather forecasts that predicted rain and thunderstorms, it turned out to be warm and sunny the major part of the weekend. 

2022 Dijon GP Age d’Or – Fifties Legends

I’ve visited the Dijon GP de l’Age d’Or about 4 or 5 times now. And it would be blasphemous to state that the event has the same atmosphere as the Spa Classic that took place just a few weeks before. But of course, we’re speaking about a whole different track, a whole different history. Where Spa Classic has a more international field and can be seen as a great rehearsal for Le Mans Classic, the Dijon GP d’Age d’Or has a more french orientated entry list.  But does that spoil the fun? Hell no. 

On Friday, which had a rather wet start, we noticed no less than 2 Porsche 908 on the track. We were familiar with Porsche 908/3-001 with Peter Vögele at the wheel. But we never saw Marc de Siebenthal with a Porsche 908/3-002. The car came up for auction in 2014 at the Bonhams Quail Lodge but found no new owner. The rest of the weekend, we didn’t see this particular Porsche again on the track. Unfortunately we could not talk to the owner, but our opinion is that he brought the car to the track as a final test for Le Mans Classic.

2022 Dijon GP Age d'Or
2022 Dijon GP Age d’Or

Next event on the agenda is Le Mans Classic. You’ll definitely see cars appear that you saw in action in Spa or Dijon. But Le Mans Classic always has a huge entry list, and we’ll bring you a preview soon so you know what to expect. In the meantime enjoy our gallery. 

Picture gallery Dijon GP de l’Age d’Or

Pictures by Love for Porsche (please contact us if you want high-resolution pictures from any of the cars on the entry-list)

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