Experiences & illustrated practical advice from one man’s home restoration

Many dream of owning a classic Porsche 911. Recently prices dropped after reaching astronomical prices a few years ago. But nevertheless, it seemed a dream that would never be fulfilled. Buying a car and restore it yourself is the only possibility to realize a childhood dream. Andrew Clusker’s book ‘Porsche 911 SC’  provides some insight and knowledge to guide you through the restoration process of a Porsche 911.

In 17 chapters, the author shows us the complete process. From the removal of the engine over the body strip and gearbox rebuild to the reconstruction of the car,  nothing remains uncovered. Picture and illustrations accompany the text, and will definitely be of great help.


The book ‘Porsche 911SC’ brings that experience to life. It covers every detail of the loving restoration of a very special 1983 Porsche 911 SC Targa Sport. With the assistance of official Porsche illustrations and Porsche part numbers, the reader is led through the painstaking record of this journey. 


It is an understatement telling you that the restoration process of a classic Porsche 911 is easy-going. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone without technical skills and the experience of restoring another, less expensive car. But for those that do have some skills, and the courage to start the process, we can recommend ‘Porsche 911SC’ by Andrew Clusker.

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Porsche 911 SC Book Cover Porsche 911 SC
Andrew Clusker
Veloce Publishing
January 21, 2020