Porsche Carrera : the water-cooled era 1998 – 2018

Like it or now, there was a time that Porsche had to switch to water-cooled engines. And the story of the watercooled Porsche 911 wasn’t an instant succes story.  The Porsche 996, the first Porsche 911 with a watercooled engine, was unveiled in September 1997 at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The change from the trusted and loved aircooled flat 6 engines to the watercooled version was a thorn in the eye for many Porsche fans. On top of that, there were the ‘fried egg’ headlights that frowned Porsche purists. The Porsche 996 was not an instant succes, that’s the least one can say. But this was the first step, in a new era of Porsche. .the watercooled era that started with the introduction of the Porsche 996 on the market in 1998.

Johnny Tipler, a renowned author who spends his time writing almost exclusively about Porsche, brings you the story of the ‘Porsche Carrera : Watercooled era 1998 -2018’ .The author  takes the reader on a journey tand tells the history of the watercooled Porsche 911s. Each of the different models in the era covered by the book are described in detail. It starts with a chapter on the design and concept of the godfather of the watercooled Porsche 911s , the Porsche 996.  And it continues with the launch and evolution of the Porsche 996, the Porsche 997 and the Porsche 991.  

A special chapter is dedicated to the special versions of the watercooled Porsche 911s. Tipler tells the story of the different versions of the GT3 RS, the Porsche 911 Sports Classic, that reintroduced the ducktail of the 1973 Porsche 911 2.7 RS.  You’ll find out more about the Porsche 991 50th anniversary model. and of course the 2016 Porsche 911R.

Johny Tipler has traveled all over Europe to visit collections, and interview people. Most of his travels over the years were in a personal Porsche or a car loaned by a friendly dealer or importer. Many of the  over 400 colour photographs that illustrate the book are from the author’s hand, or his partner in crime, photograher Antony Fraser. Throughout the book, you can read the stories of both men while traveling Europe to meet guys like Harm Lagaaij , Olaf Manthey or Alois Ruf.  And a book about the Porsche 911 is impossible without a chapter about motorsport. And for those that are in the market, you’ll be very interested in the chapter about buying, maintaining and modifying a Porsche Carrera. 1970 Le Mans 24H winner Richard Attwood was kind enough to pen down the foreword.

“Porsche Carrera : the watercooled era 1998 – 2018” is a true homage to the Porsche Carrera and covers the concept, design and evolution of the 996,997 and 991. It is not the most complete book, nor the most detailed. We have seen books with better layouts. But in general, this is a book that is very easy to read, and the number of pictures could make it a coffee table book too. All in all, a great addition to your Porsche library. 

You can support Love for Porsche by buying the book at Amazon. It is available directly with the publisher www.crowood.com too.


Porsche Carrera Book Cover Porsche Carrera
Johnny Tipler
Crowood Press UK
May 28, 2019
256 pages, over 400 pictures and illustrations