The author of the book ‘Porsche : Cars with soul’ is Gui Bernardes. He is a mechanical engineer who developed an interest for cars in his childhood.  Soon the interest developed into a passion for Porsche. This book is the debut for the author, who expresses his deep passion and love for Porsche by telling the complete story of Porsche from 1951 to 2015 , seen from the perspective of the cars themselves. 

In the first chapter of the book, Gui Bernardes tells about his visit to the exhibition ‘Ferdinand Porsche – the heritage : From electric to electric’ in the Autoworld Museum in Brussels. The first chapter is a good indication of what one can expect from the rest of the book The story of Porsche is told by means of several events that happened in the history of Porsche. Gui Bernardes knows how to keep the reader interested  and guides them all over the world from event to race to museum and back. 

The book ‘Porsche : cars with soul’ is not the most detailed historical book you can find about Porsche. But it definitely is a great read. Just the concept of how the book brings the history of Porsche, makes it worthwile. I enjoyed reading this book, and seeing the pictures, many of them by the hand of the author while visiting a show, race or museum. 

Porsche : Cars with Soul Book Cover Porsche : Cars with Soul
Gui Bernardes
Crowood Press UK
September 12, 2017