Porsche Showroom Posters ~ THE FIRST 25 YEARS

Porsche Showroom Posters ~ THE FIRST 25 YEARS Book Cover Porsche Showroom Posters ~ THE FIRST 25 YEARS
Tony Singer
Spyder Enterprises
12” x 12”
50pages + cover

For many Porsche collectors, the early Porsche Showroom Posters are considered the ultimate piece. Not only do they represent a golden era of Porsche, they were mainly designed by some of the most skilled artists of that period in Germany.
This book covers the first 25 years of Porsche Showroom Posters, from the very first poster, published in 1949 up to 1974. All posters in the book have a good description and are ilustrated with a large format and high quality picture.

The collectors may see this book as a catalog, for all the others it is a great coffee table book that will bring you quite some pleasure flipping from page to page.
You better hurry to get one, as the Deluxe edition which was limited to 356 copies is sold out. The regular edition, limited to 911 copies, is expected to sell out shortly.

You can order the book directly at Spyder Enterprises