The Porsche 914 has not Always been considered as the most adult Porsche one could buy. The Porsche 914,was indeed a car , designed in a co-operation between Volkswagen and Porsche in the late 1960’s. However, the fact that Ferdinand Piëch was put in charge of the Porsche 914 project, was a significant sign that both companies took the challenge seriously. After all, Ferdinand Piëch was head of the Porsche research and development department at the time. First intentions were to sell the brandnew model as a Volkswagen when it was equipped with a flat 4 engine, and as a Porsche when it was equipped with a flat 6.  However, at the American market both cars were sold under the name Porsche.

The flat-6 engine of the 1969 Porsche 911T was the engine that was put in the Porsche 914/6. The 2.0 L delivered 108bhp to the 901 type gearbox. Despite some disdain and ignoration when the cars were first presented to the market, it soon turned out that the car had lots of possibilities.. Many racers took up the ‘small’ priced cars to serve as their racer.

Roy Smith, renowned car journalist and author of books like The Porsche 924  Carrera, brings another masterpiece on the history of the Porsche 914 in general and the racing Porsche 914s in particular. The foreword by the ex Le Mans Winner Hurley Haywood and Gunther Steckkönig, test driver and multiple GT class winner in Porsche 914s is immediately spot on to the subject.

The author starts with the history of the mid-engine cars to continue with the production Porsche 914s. It continues by a year by year overview of the history of the Porsche 914 in race history. And we can assure you that’s a thrilling story as lots of privateers liked the great handling of the Porsche 914s both on the track and on the road for rallying.

Roy Smith tells you all need to know about the Porsche 914 in a way you can’t stop reading. The book is illustrated with numerous pictures, many of them never published before. Once again a masterpiece by the hand of  Roy Smith. Porsche – the racing 914s is a book that should be in any Porsche or race library.


Author : Roy Smith
Publisher : Veloce Publishing
Language : English
Pages : 320 pages & 452 pictures , hard-cover
ISBN : 9781845848590

Porsche - The Racing 914s Book Cover Porsche - The Racing 914s
Roy Smith
Veloce Publishing Ltd
October 1, 2016