Rétromoteur & Véhicule de Prestige Ciney 2018

30th edition of the biggest classic car show in Belgium

Yes indeed, that’s correct. The Rétromoteur & Véhicule de Prestige classic car show was in it’s 30th edition yet. The Ciney Expo is the place you had to be to be part of the biggest car show in Belgium. Over 600 exhibitors and a ground of approximately 35.000 square metres with nothing but classic cars, parts, literature, memorabilia and toys. No  surprise the event attracts every year over 20.000 visitors. In contradiction with other classic car shows,  the Rétromoteur & Véhicule de prestige classic car show is not the classic car show where you are supposed to be surrounded by trailer queens and cars eligible for the world’s renowned concours d’elegances.  The Rétromoteur & Véhicule de prestige in Ciney is more about cars that are affordable for most of the classic car fans. A show with the aim for owners to find parts that they might need, literature about their car, or memorabilia to pimp up your man cave.

Just that is probably the reason of the large number of visitors that come every year to Ciney. And believe me, there’s very few visitors that regret doing the effort to come to Ciney. The atmosphere is always great,  you’ll definitely find something you need, and above all : you have a unique opportunity to catch up with other classic car fans and have a chat while sipping the delicious local beer. Mark your agenda for next year : June 8 – 10 2019

Picture Gallery Rétromoteur & Véhicule de Prestige Ciney 2018

Pictures by Wilfried Geerts