Willhoit Restorations Open House 2011

John_Willhoit_2011_05Some weeks ago , I reported about the Los Angeles Literature and Toy Show which can be considered as the Mecca for the Porsche aficionados and literature collectors. So ofcourse lots of people are in the Los Angeles area to attend the show , hope to find a neat part or the one brochure, poster they’re missing..or they just fall in love with some of the unique memorabilia for sale there.

And ofcourse Porsche related businesses in try to attract those Porsce afficionados in their premises. One of my personal favourites is John Willhoit Restorations in Long Beach, about half an hour south of the LAX Airport. John opens his shop and always has some stunning cars on display. This year one of them was a Porsche 904, delivered to Sonauto in France in 1964. After being wrecked by the owner , just before the Coupe des Alpes in 1965, the car was replaced by a completely new 904, and the factory installed the original engine and gearbox in the car. In its new appearance the car raced lots of races and rallies in France. The current owner resides in England.

Ofcourse John Willhoit had more to offer, next to this great Porsche 904. Some examples of his restoration craftmanship were shown, like a very rare 1959 Porsche 356 A GT and more stunning Porsches 356.

Outside you could enjoy the sun, and try to have a chat with your fellow Porsche lovers. Try , that’s what I said, as from time to time, air was filled with a deafening sound when someone drove his car on the Dynostand and started revving to learn the power and torque curve of his toy.

Great cars, nice peope andwonderfull hospitality with drinks and food, so in case you think about visiting the Los Angeles Literature and Toy Show next year, just don’t forget to visit John’s shop.