Mit Vollgas durchs Leben

Every true Porsche lover knows Richard von Frankenberg. But so far no one ever wrote a biography on this remarkable man.

Now, his eldest son, Donald von Frankenberg presents a book , dedicated to his father
“Richard von Frankenberg – Mit Vollgas durchs Leben”

In 12 chapters, Donald von Frankenberg describes the complete life of his father. The book starts with a very detailed history of the von Frankenberg family starting in the 1800s. The von Frankenbergs were a noble family in Germany. Lots of the male von Frankenbergs spend their lives in the army back then and had very important positions.
It is rather clear where Richard von Frankenberg got hit literary talents from, as his father Alex-Victor von Frankenberg too wrote books and poems. The driving skills seem to be inherited too, as Manfred von Brauchitsch, the famous Mercedes Silver Arrow racer from the thirties shared bloodlines with von Frankenberg too.

After describing the history of the family, the book continues in chapters covering periods in the life of Richard von Frankenberg. Each period covers 5 to 10 years which are very typical to him and his life and work. In his childhood, Richard von Frankenbergs love for motors and cars started growing. In his youth he got his own motorcycle and at 16 he drove his first motorcycle race. At 17 years old he obtained his motor sport license.

Soon after his studies, just as the overwhelming majority of man of his age, he had to go to the army, as it was WW II. When he got orders to go fight at the Ardennes ,Richard von Frankenberg decided not to fight in the war and risked his life by deserting to England. After the war, he returned to Germany and continued what he started in England, a life as a journalist and writer. With his pseudonyms Alexander Borelius he wrote philosophical books. His other writers name was Herbert A. Quint and he used that pseudonym for more historical books. This is the time he started his career as a motor sport journalist and he started writing a book on Porsche too.. Porsche Der Weg einer Zeitalters.

This is the period he started working for Porsche, the creation of Porsche Christophorus magazines and his many races, victories and championships, mainly raced in a Porsche. He was a man without fear, and wasn’t afraid to take great risks when racing. This resulted in many terrible accidents too. Most famous accident is at the Avus ring when his car, the Porsche Mickey Mouse , jumps out of the steep sides of the Berlin racetrack and tumbles in the deep. Richard von Frankenberg is badly hurt, but luckily survives the terrifying accident, which is later call the miracle of the Avus.

During his race-career and his work as chief-editor of the Porsche Christophorus Magazines, he finds time to write more books, articles about motor sport for German magazines and so on… When he retires from racing, he continuous his journalist jobs.

In 1973 Richard von Frankenberg passes by in a terrible accident on the German highways.

This book is really a must-read for anyone who is interested in the history of Porsche, as he was the very first person writing a book about Porsche and later made part of the Stuttgart car maker himself.. an important part as he started the house magazine which still exists today. He gained world-titles for Porsche and won the famous Le Mans race twice.

This book is a must-have for any car lover, as there was no one with a bigger heart for cars and motor sport. This resulted in many books on motor sport and even more articles in newspapers and magazines. He even started the very first car museum in Germany.

In 215 pages and over 200 pictures , many of them never published before, Donald von Frankenberg tells the story of his father, the journalist, the racer, the TV presenter, the quiz master…. I really enjoyed reading this book a lot.


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