img40Last weekend, in Essen (Germany) the fabulous Technoclassica took place. As usual I went two days, as it is impossible for me to see the complete show in one day. Just amazing what cars are on display in the Gruga Messe.
Concerning Porsche ofcourse Benoit Couturier had a wonderfull stand once again. How about the Archie Bunker VW truck (replica I believe) stuffed with a 550 engin, a 907 engine, 908 engine and 917 engine ? Furthermore a Porsche 917, Porsche 908, Porsche 935 RSR, Porsche 959, and more , all just on one stand ?
I noticed a Jagdwagen manual for sale (waaaay to expensive), at least 2 Porsche 910 manuals, at least 2 Porsche 906 manuals, some Porsche 935 manuals, and many many more.
The Gmünd Brochure, yes you could have it for 3000 Euro. Too bad the condition wassn’t really good as it had 2 punchholes.
For toy-collectors, ofcourse lots of stuff to be found : the Porsche JNF Prototyp, the Porsche Gescha Sixmobil, the Porsche Gescha Autofox, Porsche Distlers and .. the holy grail for the Porsche Toy collectors : the SIKU Porsche. It could be yours for 8600 Eur !!!
The Technoclassica show just cannot be told in a few words, so take a look at the pictures. Ofcourse all Porsche or Porsche related.