The 356 Porsche : a restorer’s guide to authenticity IV

I presume few books are better known in Porsche 356 circles as “The Porsche 356 : a restorer’s guide to authenticity” by Dr. Brett Johnson. Recently the 4th edition of this book was published. And to be honest. The previous edition were marvellous. Now things only get better.

“The Porsche 356: a restorer’s guide to authenticity” is a book that can be used for many purposes. Those that just want to get familiar with the Porsche 356 can use it as a guide to learn to know the different model ranges. Many of you will have visited the 356 Spottersguide, where a brief description is given of the different 356 models. This book does the same, illustrated with pictures to let the reader find out all differences. But this book goes further. 

Are you restoring a Porsche 356? In that case is “The Porsche 356: a restorer’s guide to authenticity” an absolute must. In particular, when you want to bring your car back to the condition it left the factory. All the details you should take into account are clearly explained. And again, this is not just text. You will find pictures in the book that show what the author describes. 

All information is bundled in chapters handling the different aspects of a car. That includes the chassis, the body, the exterior trim, the luggage compartment, the interior, the engine compartment, and the brakes, suspension, and gearbox. Add the appendices with color charts, a chassis number list, the manufacturer’s date codes.

In case you did not buy the book at,  there is a possibility to buy access to a gallery, containing all the pictures published in the book, in high resolution. For just $9.95, this is a feature we strongly recommend.

We have seen books that look better or have a better design. But the content of the book makes certainly up for that. There is no way around, this book should be on your book shelves.

The Porsche 356 : a restorer's guide to authenticity Book Cover The Porsche 356 : a restorer's guide to authenticity
Brett Johnson
Beeman Jorgensen Incorporate
248 pages, 921 color photos, 4 black & white, 193 illustrations.