The LA Literature and Toy Show

A selection of posters for sale by Frank Barett

Over 300 tables of Porsche 356 and early Porsche 911 collectibles and parts..

After 33 years, the founders of the LA Lit and Toy Show considered their job was done. Jim Perrin, Wayne Callaway and Prescot Kelly started the party back then as vivid Porsche literature and toy collectors themselves. Now they handed over the organization of the annual LA Literature and Toy Show  to Stoddard, well known as Porsche parts dealer. So a big thank you  to Jim Perrin, Wayne Callaway and Prescot Kelly is the least we can do. It always was, and always will be fun to visit.

However, the change of management didn’t mean a complete reorganization of the show. In fact nothing much changed at all for the 34th edition. For those who didn’t want to visit the different open houses on Thursday or Friday on their own,  there was an option to book a seat in a bus that did a tour visiting the different related events :  Open House California Porsche Restorations CPR, Open House Nicolas Hunziker, Open House Pelican Parts.

A heaven for collectors of Porsche literature and memorabilia

Exactly as the previous years, the place to be of the LA Lit and Toy Show was the LAX Hilton Hotel. Friday evening the bar is packed with Porsche enthusiasts,  enjoying some good food or sipping a glass at the bar. The next morning, even before 7:00 am, both the exhibitors and early birds enter the 2 majestic ballrooms of the LAX Hilton. The first to put up their tables  and empty the boxes they brought filled with Porsche literature, Porsche memorabilia, Porsche advertising materatial like posters and banners or Porsche parts. The latter do the contrary : they’re trying to find that piece of literature they’ve been hunting for since years or trying to secure a part they need to complete a Porsche 356 or early Porsche 911. One thing’s definitely for sure : this is Porsche heaven.

Hundreds of visitors from all over the world come to Los Angeles to visit the LA Lit and Toy Show. And after the show, nothing but smiling faces. It was great to be part of this show again, to see some old friends, meet some new guys and enjoy the lovely atmosphere at the show. We hope to be there in 2018, and hope you will be there too.

LA Lit and Toy Show 2017

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography

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