The Porsche effect exhibition catalogue

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The Porsche Effect exhibition catalogue

70 years Porsche was a unique opportunity to set up a special exhibition in the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles . When Bruce Meyer guided Wolfgang Porsche in the Bugatti exhibition at the Petersen Automotive Museum some years ago, Leslie Kendall said to Wolfgang Porsche : This could be all Porsches too.  Some years later, the Petersen Automotive Museum set up an exhibition to celebrate 70 years Porsche.  Some 50 cars from different private collections , the Petersen Automotive Museum and the Porsche Museum were brought together. A wonderful exhibit and definitely worth a visit. 

However, we believe that the Porsche Effect exhibition catalogue is a missed opportunity, as we think they could have made more out of it. However, the book contains great pictures spread over 120 pages, with some clearly written text by renowned people like Randy Leffingwel, Patrick Long or Jeff Zwart. But we are just not the biggest fan of the square format of the book, and mainly the quality of the printing. There are some tremendous pictures in the book, but they could have been better looking when printed on glossy paper. Do we like the book  ? Yes we definitely do. Could the book haven been better ? Definitely.  

Our conlusion : whenever you are visiting the Porsche Effect exhibition in the Petersen Automotive Museum, go to the Museum shop and buy this book. It is said it is a limited edition run of 1000 books, so it might even become collectible. And you’ll have a good coffee table book and great souvenir. 

Details The Porsche Effect catalogue

Author : Petersen Automotive Museum
Publisher  : Petersen Automotive Museum
Language : English
Pages : 120 with numerous pictures
ISBN : 64234583476

The Porsche Effect Book Cover The Porsche Effect
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