3 hardcover volumes with slipcase

The fun of a book published by Sportfahrer Verlag usually starts with unwrapping it. And nothing else was the case when a parcel with a weight of approx 10 kg was delivered. The parcel was taped with a logo printed on it: the Walter Brun helmet, which betrayed the content of the box: the long-awaited “Brun Motorsport (1966 – 2009)” book.

Walter Brun had a racing career that spanned over 3 decades. Brun earned big money renting slot machines to bars and restaurants. Money Walter Brun could well use to pay for his motorsport activities. From the mid-60s, Brun started competing in hill climbs and circuit races. In 1971 he crowned himself European Hillclimb Champion with a BMW Schnitzer.

In the early 80s, Brun entered the DRM ( Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft) with his own team Brun Motorsport. Later, Brun Motorsport was active in Group C. Next to big successes, Brun Motorsport experienced tragedy too, mainly with the fatal accident of Stefan Bellof in a Brun Motorsport Porsche 962 at the 1985 Spa 1000km. A step into F1 even caused bankruptcy, but Brun fought back and returned to the motorsports scene.

Brun Motorsport (1966 -2009): 3 hardcover volumes with slipcase

The idea for the “Brun Motorsport (1966 – 2009)” was initiated by Sacha Brun, one of the sons of Walter. With the help of renowned authors Eckhard Schimpf, Peter Wyss, and Thomas Nehlert, it resulted in s a trilogy of 962 pages with approx 1200 images and illustrations, telling the complete story of Brun Motorsport, one of the top privateer race teams for which competed drivers like Stefan Bellof, Thierry Boutsen, and Hans-Joachim Stuck.

Brun Motorsport (1966 – 2009)

In the 3 volumes, the complete story of Brun Motorsport is told and well illustrated. The book starts with no less than 3 prefaces, written by Walter Brun himself, Thierry Boutsen, and Sacha Brun, the initiator of the project. Eckhard Schimpf, once responsible for the Jägermeister sponsorship deals, elaborates on his memories regarding Walter Brun and his race team.

Brun Motorsport (1966 – 2009)


Each of the volumes covers a period, year by year and race by race. In general, one could say that the captions that accompany the numerous pictures tell the story. And sometimes that makes the book feel like a coffee table book. We would have liked more text, more detail, and race reports. Another example of that is the chapter that describes the cars used by Brun Motorsports. Illustrations show the cars, but wouldn’t it have been nice to see chassis numbers and statistics? 

Brun Motorsport (1966 – 2009)


“Brun Motorsport (1966 – 2009)” is a fantastic book, printed on good quality paper, and protected by a nice illustrated slipcase. The flaws we mentioned previously prevent us from giving the book a 5-star, but it only misses it narrowly. 375€ for the regular limited edition may sound heavy, but for the amount of information, the number of pictures, and the quality of the book, it is rather a bargain. The collector’s edition (99 copies) sold out real soon. The  Walter Brun edition ( 350 copies) and the regular limited edition (1000 copies) are still available at the publisher’s website: Sportfahrer Verlag. We can only recommend buying it. This is the kind of books any motorsport fan wants in his library.

All pictures courtesy Sportfahrer Verlag.

Brun Motorsport 1966 - 2009 Book Cover Brun Motorsport 1966 - 2009
Sacha Brun, Thomas Nehlert, Eckhard Schimpf, Peter Wyss
Sportfahrer Verlag
3 hardcover volumes in slipcase
964 pages
ca. 1,200 photos and illustrations
ca. 1,200 photos and illustrations
German / English
375€ ( Limited to 1000 copies, handnumbered)