What Porsches can you expect at Spa Classic 2018 ?

Preview of the 2018 Spa Classic

With the 8th edition of the Spa Classic just a few days from us, we thought you might be intrested in what you could expect.  It is no secret that the Peter Auto usually has a magnificent startersfield. And there’s absolutely no reason to doubt that it will be something else in the weekenf of 18th, 19th and 20th of May. Ofcourse we’ll focus on the Porsches that are likely to come on the tarmac. 

An amazing field of 33 Group C race cars.

The golden days of endurance racing, and the most successful motorsports years for Porsche will revive at the Spa-Francorchamps race track in the Group C series. No less than 33 Group C cars will conquer for the trophy, 8th of them defending the pride of Porsche. The Australian Russel Kempnich in a 1985 Porsche 956 ( Chassis 956-118 ).The other Porsches in the Group C series are all Porsche 962C race cars, most of them will be familiar to the regular visitors of the Peter Auto Events : the duo Ivan Vercoutere / Raf Kelleners in the Porsche 962-155,  the dutch Mischa Strijder in Porsche 962-166 and Henrik Lindberg in the TicTac livery Porsche 962-141,  Tommy Dreelan and Aaron Scott share the Porsche 962-CK6-01, easily recognisable in the Leyton House livery. Jean-Marc Merlin will be racing the Porsche 962-RLR-202.  I guess it has been since the last Le Mans Classic in 2016 that that many Group C cars were united for battle on a track. Excitement is assured.

Henrik Lindberg - Porsche 926-141 - Spa Classic 2017
Henrik Lindberg – Porsche 926-141 – Spa Classic 2017

The inaugural race of the 911 2.0 liter Cup

For the 2018 season, Peter Auto introduced a brandnew single-make series. The 2.0 liter Cup is a grid, reserved for 2.0 liter short-chassis Porsche 911s prepared in accordance with pre-66 FIA regulations. The inaugural race of the 2.0 liter Cup will take place at the Spa Classic 2018. With 38 early Porsches on the entry-list, this promises to be a hell of a race. Cars very comparable to each others, and drivers that will be pushing the pedal to the metal to be faster than the opponents.  2 Belgian teams at the start this weekend. Christophe van Riet (GipiMotors) and the duo Johan-Frank Dirickx  / Quinten Devreker in the Porsche 911 Art Car. That same car was first shown on the track in the 2017 Spa 6 hours, however, with no succes as they had to quit the race with a broken gearbox. We wish them more succes in the Spa Classic race.

Classic Endurance Racing 1 and Classic Endurance Racing 2

Fia Masters Historic Sports Cars – Porsche 935 – Spa Classic 2015

In 2018 Peter Auto brings you back the 2 series of the Classic Endurance Racing? The series features sportscars and GTs from the late sixties to the late seventies and will be present with 51 cars in CER1 and 36 cars in CER2. In Classic Endurance Racing, the duo Didier Cazeaus / Pierre-Alain Thibaut will be racing a fullblood race monster : the Porsche 917. Next to that, a Porsche 910 on the startgrid and several Porsche 911 RSR’s , both the 2.8 liter and 3.0liter engined cars.
In Classic Endurace Racing some Porsche 930 Turbo’s on the grid, together with Porsche 934 and Porsche 935’s. Brutal power will be your part and cover your ears when these flame-spitting monsters approach you.