Born on: 20th November 1948

Biography Wolf-Hendrik Unger

Nationality: German
Residence: Heilbronn
Profession: Graduate engineer (car technician)
Hobbies: Cycling, skiing, diving, photography

The young Wolf-Hendrik has always shown a great interest in cars. He grew up close to Stuttgart, and with the presence of 2 major German car manufacturers close by, that may not be a surprise. He loved to see how his father repaired his own cars. And every once and a while, he even helped his old man. Later, at the age of 18, Unger started maintaining and repairing his personal car 

Next to cars, Unger always showed interest in travelling to foreing countries. In 1971, he and a close friend bought a VW T1 bus, and travelled 6 months in Africa. Later he finished his studies, and then needed a personal orientation. So he decided to go visit the USA with a friend. They travelled several US States in a Cadillac Convertible, they bought back there. His friend went back to Germany, Wolf-Hendrik Unger decided to stay in the USA. He started working in an independent Porsche Workshop in Los Angeles.

After several months  of working in the Porsche work-shop, he spent the money saved from his labour on a 6 month trip in South-America. Later he moved back to Germany. Unger had decided for himself he wanted to start working with Porsche. After a short talk, Hans Mezger hired Wolf-Hendrik Unger. One of his first jobs was to help design the watercooled V4 engine for Harley Davidson. Later he worked on engines for the Porsche 928 and Porsche 944 Turbo.

In the early 80s, Wolf-Hendrik Unger particpates 4 times in the Rally of Monte-Carlo. Twice in a service-car, and twice in a car that drives in front of the rally, to control the roadbook, and to help the teams with last-minute instructions.

1985 Rally of the Pharaohs - Porsche 959
1985 Rally of the Pharaohs – the #2 959 driven by Saeed Al Hajri and John Spiller won the rallye.

In 1985, Unger joins Roland Kussmaul as co-driver in the service car for the Paris-Dakar Rally. They drive a Mercedes G-model, equipped with a Porsche 928 S engine to make it faster and more reliable.  In 1985, Unger is the co-driver of Jacky Ickx in the Rally of the Paraons. Unfortunately the car was completely gutted in a fire shortly before the start of the rally. One year later, Kussmaul and Unger switch the Mercedes G-model and use a Porsche 959 as service-car and finish 6th overall in the Paris-Dakar Rally.

Later Unger moves to the race engine department. One of his jobs was the support to customer racing like the 944 Turbo engine used by Alwin Springer in the USA. Furthermore, he was involved in the engineer of the race engines of thePorsche 961, Porsche 962 and the Porsche Indy.  In 1993 Unger leaves Porsche and continues his career as a racing engineer at Wolf Racing. Just one year later he moes on to Mann and Hummel. As from 2017, Wolf-Hendrik Unger can be hired as a technical consultant for the automotive industry. As a longtime owner of a 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS, he specializes in vintage Porsches. 

In 2008 he returned for a short time to the rally word, as a co-driver for Carles Celma in the Transsyberia Rally.  

Youngtimer Trophy Nürburgring (Porsche 911)
Paul Ricard 24 hour race (Porsche 356)
6th place Paris-Dakar Rally (co-driver to R. Kussmaul, Porsche 959)
Pharaohs’ Rally (co-driver to Jacky Ickx, Porsche 959)
Dakar Rally (co-driver to R. Kussmaul, Mercedes 280GE)
Ice crew Rally Monte Carlo (Porsche 911 Carrera RS)
Ice crew Rally Monte Carlo (Porsche 911 Carrera S)


If you master the German language, you can listen to a podcast with Wolf-Hendrik Unger.