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Ivo Verschuuren is a Dutch photographer who developed a strong interest in Porsche from his childhood. Ivo Verschuuren noticed the Dutch police Porsches overtaking the other cars on the highways at speeds far beyond the limits of the average cars. His father was once following a police Porsche 911 at high speed. After some time, they were stopped and Ivo’s Verschuuren father got the advice he should join the police when he liked to drive at high speeds on the highways. Luckily for them, they only got a warning and no fine. But that moment was definitely a trigger to the fascination of Ivo Verschuuren for Porsche. 

As a professional photographer, Ivo Verschuuren tries to bring the experiences he has on a paper. Both this and his passion for Porsche made him decide to compile a book about the stories and portraits of Porsche drivers. There are many of them. Ivo Verschuuren contacted about 50 of them in the Netherlands and Belgium and let them tell their individual story about their own passion for Porsche. Owners of the early Porsche 356 to the modern Porsche 991, passionates and collectors. Each one has a reason to be passionate about Porsche.

This is a book with some good photography. The book is about the people that drive the Porsches. Don’t expect to learn some technical things about cars. But it is much fun to learn about how other passionates experience their fascination for Porsche.  Available at www.whyidriveporsche.com, only in dutch.

Why I drive Porsche Book Cover Why I drive Porsche
Ivo Verschuuren
Aerial Media Company B.V
August 17, 2017