Auto Retro Roeselare 2017

36th edition : Auto Retro moves from Bruges to Roeselare

The Auto Retro classic car show that used to be in the Beurshalle in Bruges, was forced to move to another location.  The Beurshalle are being demolished to build a new one. For some folks that might have meant to throw the towel. That’s not what the Auto Retro did. They looked for another location and found it in Roeselare,  just half an hour drive from the original location. Major themes in the 36th edition where the celebration of 100 years of BMW and the 70th anniversary of Ferrari.

Auto Retro has never been the best classic car show when it comes to Porsches. So you don’t need to expect the rare cars there. The odds that you’ll find the gem between the memorabilia exposed by the exhibitors are rather small too.

This year however to everbody’s surprise a Porsche Carrera GT showed up. Not exactly the car one sees around the corner. As the Porsche Carrera GT was the eye-catcher of the show, there were quite some Porsche 911s at the Auto Retro Roeselare.

This proves once again  a visit must be taken in consideration when you live in Belgium, the Netherlands or the northern region of France. You never now what might show up. Next to the Waregem Oldtimer Event  and the Dreamcar International in Kortrijk, this is the 3rd classic car show in the western part of Flanders in just 2 months. Great to see the classic car scene is alive and kicking. But one can wonder if there’s a future for all 3 of the events.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy the cars and the atmosphere at the shows and keep supporting the organisations.

Auto Retro Roeselare 2017

Pictures by Wilfried Geerts

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