9th Strähle Porsche Swap Meet

Last weekend the Galerie für Kunst und Technik in Schorndorf, was the place to be in Europe for anyone who bears Porsche in his heart. It was the 9th time yet that Marco Marinello, a well reputed Porsche enthusiast , collector and merchant, and Paul-Ernst Strähle Junior, son of the late Schorndorfer Porsche racer , organized the Strähle Swap meet. And again it was a huge success. Maybe this event is not the largest of its kind, but it definitely belongs to the events a true Porsche aficionado is looking forward to long in advance.

In contradiction with earlier editions, this year there was no collision with the Ladenburger automobilia auction, which took place 2 weeks before. Even better, the 2 organizations co-operated and there was a Porsche only auction just after the swap meet. Brilliant idea !!

No matter if you just visit the swap meet for the lovely atmosphere, or looking for a specific partto complete the rebuild of your engine, or some body parts for your car , you might find it in Schorndorf. Sellers from all over Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, UK,…) brought their parts , engines to the lovely Schwabian city Schorndorf, not that far from Stuttgart. Some visitors didn’t care about doing great distances to attend the swap meet either, as I noticed people from Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, UK and even Sweden.

For literature collectors the event was a true heaven. Lots of Carrera literature could be found, which can be rare. I noticed 2 spare-parts catalogs for the Porsche 904, a original Porsche 550 Spyder manual, which could only be traded against other Porsche factory race stuff. Lots of early brochures, manuals for Porsche RSK  and Porsche RS60 , and the holy grail for literature collectors : the Porsche 356 SL brochure. This brochure is probably the rarest of the rare, as there’s only a few collectors worldwide who have the brochure in their collection. Not a surprise as there’s only a dozen made of these Super Leight cars.

It was great again to be part of this wonderful event and hope to be present next year too, for the celebration of 10 years Strähle Porsche Swap Meet.