A preview to the International Porsche Collectors Day

Just a few weeks ago, the annual LA Lit and Toy Show took place. Our regular visitors know what that is. A huge show where traditionally collectors of Porsche literature and toys show up, coming from all over the planet. However, few Europeans made it to Los Angeles this year, for obvious reasons. But the International Porsche Collectors Day, next Sunday, March 20 at the Porsche Center Gelderland, will definitely make that up for them.

2018 Int Porsche Collectors Day-13

A Porsche only market-place

No,  you won’t have the opportunity to visit open houses, as you do in LA. But your Porsche blood will definitely start streaming, your Porsche heart will be bouncing, as soon as you enter the premises of Porsche Center Gelderland. First of all, there’s no way around it, you’ll have to admit you never saw a dealership like that before. Last year, Porsche Center Gelderland celebrated its 15th anniversary, with a huge online show.  Owner Mark Wegh told us about his recent barn find a genuine Porsche 550 Spyder. And second and most important next Sunday, you’ll find a selection of Porsche literature, toys, memorabilia, and parts that many of you have never seen before.

Recently, Mark Wegh told us that so far about 400 meters of tables were sold to about 85 exhibitors. Can you imagine? 400 meters with nothing but Porsche toys, literature, memorabilia, and parts. That’s about the length of 4 soccer fields.  You’ll have to take some time to stroll through the workshops, now serving as a Porsche-only marketplace.  And remember, you won’t be alone. Hundreds of other Porsche enthusiasts will be there too. And you’ll be talking to friends,  making new friends, and above all enjoy your Sunday. On top of that, you won’t be charged anything. It is free entrance.

And yes, you’ll see some cars too

On the parking lot, you’ll see dozens of great Porsches, both from the dealership and from visitors. After all, wouldn’t you grab the opportunity to combine a visit to the International Porsche Collectors Day and a great ride in your Porsche too?  There are some great roads in the neighborhood, that will make your smile even bigger. You can find more information about the International Porsche Collectors Day here.


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