39th edition of the Auto Retro

The Auto Retro was in its 39th edition yet. For many, the name of the show may sound somewhat unfamiliar. But when we tell you that this show is the same show that used to be organized in the expo in Bruges, it will become more familiar to Belgian oldtimer fans. In 2016 the show moved from the expo in Bruges to the Roeselare Expo to start a new era in the history of the show.

This year, the French Citroën and Abarth were the main themes of the show. Citroën celebrates its 100th birthday, and Abarth reaches the age of 60. Unfortunately for us Porsche fans, the celebration of Abarth did not mean the presence of a Porsche 356 Carrera Abarth at the Auto Retro Roeselare.  


The Auto Retro Roeselare isn’t the largest car show one can imagine. It won’t attract the large crowd, the best car’s won’t show up and the chance to dig up the holy grail for your collection is rather small. But, never forget. You never know where the gems will be discovered. And seen the size of the show, pretty much Porsche’s were offered for sale.

Why not give it a try in 2020 when you are in the neighborhood

Picture gallery of the Auto Retro Roeselare 2019

Pictures by Wilfried Geerts