Recently, few car collections had more publicity and exposure than the ROFGO collection. Those who know the collection won’t be surprised. The ROFGO Collection isn’t just a collection of ordinary cars. And the story behind the ROFGO collection may be just as interesting as the cars in the collection, if possible. In the heydays of motorsports, during the 1960s and 1970s, no livery was more appealing and striking than the blue/orange of the sponsor Gulf Oil.  One succes after another made the Gulf cars to attain a cult status. Roald Goethe was one of the thousands admirers.  Next to an admirer, Goethe has a passion for collecting. That passion arroused after becoming lifelong fan at a young age.  A succesful business-career made it possible for Goethe to pursue a dream. He laid the foundations in 2008 for his ROFGO Gulf Heritage Collection.

With the help of Adrian Hamilton, Roald Goethe acquired the most amazing ROFGO Collection in just over 10 years. He gradually added car after car that ran in the legendary blue and orange livery. The ROFGO Collection includes some of the most mouth-watering and succesful cars of all time. From the Ford GT40 over the Porsche 917 to the Aston Martin Vantage GT3 that participated in the 2013 FIA World Endurance Championship. “The ROFGO Collection” by Doug Nye is a kind of a stock-list of a stupendous collection. Doug Nye, an award-winning journalist and author, tells the story behind the collection. But main focus goes to the real stars. 

The author describes each car in detail. He charts the development, aswell as the race career of each and every car. The story is full anecdotes, told by eyewitnesses like crew members, pilots, team managers. Next to recent pictures, there are plenty of period pictures, to illustrate the stories. In the last chapter, Doug Nye describes how the story continues with the racing escapades of Roald Goethe and his sons Oliver and Benjamin in cars of the ROFGO collection. The book concludes with the technical specifications of each car, together with its achievements in motorsport. 

We seldom advise a book that is not solely dedicated to Porsche. But for “The ROFGO Collection” by Doug Nye, we are glad to make an exception. We like the story behind the collection. But we like the cars in the collection too. And with stars like the Porsche 917, the Porsche 908/03, the Kremer-Porsche K8 and the 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS from our beloved factory in Zuffenhausen, there was no way around. This car belongs in any motorsport library. 

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Rofgo Collection Book Cover Rofgo Collection
Doug Nye
September 15, 2020
Hardcover / Limited edition