“Porsche & Piech” by Eckard Schimpf


Without any doubt Ferdinand Piëch is one , of not the, most important man in automotive industry and history. As CEO of the Volkswagen group, he is the main man of an industrial concern wich holds some of the best known cars & most exclusive cars worldwide. Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini to name just a few…

Piëch was born April 1937 as grandson of the old professor, Ferdinand Porsche, founder of the Porsche group and father of the Volkswagen Beetle. In 1942, Ferdinand Piëchs father, Anton became head of the Volkswagenwerk that produced Kübelwagens and Schwimmwagens for the German army. Not hard to imagine that with predecessors in the automotive industry, Ferdinand Piëch would follow this footsteps and in 1962 he graduated the Zürich Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich) with a degree in mechanical engineering, having written a master thesis about the development of an F1 engine. One year later he starts his career at Porsche to become head of testing in 1966.

Piëch always wanted to create ultralight race-cars and he was the main force behind the development of the Porsche 906. This car was just the first of a series of cars introduced by Piëch. Most of the Porsche race-cars of the sixties and seventies were born out of the mind of the genius Piëch was.

The book “Porsche & Piëch” is the first book that completely describes the life of Piëch during his career at Porsche. It declares his vision about automotive industry and racing. The author, Eckhard Schimpf became friends with Piëch and succeeded in getting access to the real thoughts of a man who was known to stay away from the press.

Illustrated with numerous pictures, many of them never published before, this book is a must have for any serious motorsport library.


Author : Eckard Schimpf
Publisher : www.delius-klasing.de
Language : German
Pages : 272
ISBN : 9783768835930

Porsche & Piech Book Cover Porsche & Piech
Eckard Schimpf
Delius Klasing