Erich Strenger (1922-1993), an author, photographer, designer, and illustrator, left his mark on the look of Porsche during the company’s formative years in the early ’50s and ’60s with a design language that, for the most part, continues to bear his signature to this day. Porsche Christophorus , the oldest automotive customer magazine in the world, was the brain child of both Richard von Frankenberg and Erich Strenger.

Erich Strenger was the designer of most of the artwork Porsche used for it’s sales brochures, manuals and race posters from the 50’s to the 80’s. For the first time, a detailed overview of the evolution of Erich Strenger’s artwork is published in a book. Mats Kubiak, son of the renowned author Achim Kubiak, did an excellent job in researching the oeuvre of Erich Strenger and presents the most influential designs in this great book.

The book is an excellent combination of both text and pictures, which allows you to both read it , or just use it as a coffee table book and enjoy the artwork. Both the automotive designs and the later more modern and abstract designs Erich Strenger used to make after his retirement have a place in the book.

This book is a must have for any Porsche literature or Porsche poster collector.


Author : Mats Kubiak
Publisher : Delius Klasing
Language : available in both German & English
Pages : 186 with numerous pictures
ISBN : 978-3-667-11023-7 ( English edition)
ISBN : 978-3-667-10969-9 (German edition)



Erich Strenger und Porsche Book Cover Erich Strenger und Porsche
Mats Kubiak
Art & Photography
Delius Klasing
March 20, 2017