A lovely book that learns you lots of nice-to-knows about anything that’s related to the automotive world.
This is definitely not an encyclopedia with technical or scientific articles. However, I’m pretty sure you’ll learn a lot about cars, racing and the automotive industry by reading this book. Who was the first man to reach the 100km/h mark ? What cars are mostly used in Germany ? Which country has the most cars per habitant? Just a few questions of the hundreds you can find an answer to in this pocket-book.

Funny to read and a great small gift for example for a car-nut.


Author : Jürgen Pander
Publisher : Delius – Klasing
Language : German
Pages : 191
ISBN : 9-783768-837545

Fast alles über Autos Book Cover Fast alles über Autos
Jurgen Pander
Delius Klasing