Porsche 356 Speedster

Flanders Expo in Ghent (Belgium) hosts since years the annual Flanders Collection Car : one of the leading vintage car events in Flanders. Despite Flanders being one of the smallest regions in Europe, quite a number of rather important classic car shows are organized, Flanders Collection definitely takes it place and makes sure both the visitors and the exhibitors find it worthwhile to come back each and every year again.

Toys @Flanders Collection Car
Porsche 917K Toy

Hundreds of sellers showed their goods to the numerous visitors, many of them taking opportunity to drive their own oldtimer to the venues, to combine the joy of both driving their car and visiting a show. The show wasn’t that different than any other vintage car show : cars, parts, books, memorabilia, … Name a thing that can be linked to vintage cars, and you could find some exhibitors that offered you a wide choice.

What Porsche concerned, not that much going on. After all, the most important cars aren’t offered for sale in a Belgian show : you have Retromobile in Paris, Retroclassics in Stuttgart or Technoclassica in Essen if you want to see those rarities. Now don’t think a visit to a show like Flanders Collection isn’t worth the time. On the contrary, shows like Flanders Collection are the shows where most of the vintage car lovers will find a car that exactly fits their needs. Not everyone can afford a car worth a fortune. Those cars are being sold here. And once again, it was rather striking to see the Porsches 924, 944 and 928 are cars that are actively searched for by many enthusiast. How many of you would have bet a penny on that like 5 years ago? I am curious to see if and how this trend will continue?

Lotus was the main theme this year at Flanders Collection, and probably one of the nicest parts of this was the reunion of the rare Lotus 26 R with all its previous owners, including the 89year old Fermin Dauwe, who bought the car in person from Colin Chapman. The car was restored to originality by current owner, and former race pilot Eddy de Buck.
Pictures : Wilfried Geerts

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