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Porsche has always had an enormous fan base. The iconic lines of the Porsche 911 have hardly changed in almost 60 decades. And you don’t need to be an expert to identify the Porsche 911 as the succesor of the Porsche 356. On top of that, the sound of the flat 6 engine, the heart of the Porsche 911, has always been loved by many. Combine this and it is no surprise that there are a lot of people who have a love affair with Porsche. And that’s exactly what the book ‘A Flat 6 Love Affair’ is all about.

The author, Bart Kuykens, is a man with a huge heart for Porsche, who recently starred in an official Porsche 992 commercial. Bart combines his passion for the Flat 6 with another of his passions : analog photography and Leica in particular. Armed with his camera, Bart Kuykens travels the world to have other passionates together with their Porsche for his lens. And the result is another stunning piece of art in the ‘A Flat 6 Love Affair’ series. Each volume of the series is a unique book, and the complete series on it’s own can be considered as the complete work. In the series, each volume represents a letter of the word Porsche. Volume 4 now makes my bookshelf look like the picture underneath, and makes one longing for the end-result.

flat 6 love affair vol 1-2-3-4
P O R S ….. we can’t wait for the ‘A Flat 6 Love Affair’ series to be complete

The “A Flat 6 Love Affair” definitely impresses people. The fact that celebrities like Jeff Zwart, Hans-Peter Porsche or Jurgen Barth, to name just a few, are prepared to be model together with their Porsche or to write a foreword, proves that statement.  336 pages filled with great black-white pictures by a skilled photographer. ‘A Flat 6 Love affair’ breaths what it is named after : the passion and love for Porsche.  

“A Flat 6 love Affair” – Volume 4 features 

Hans-Peter Porsche, Fanny Saulay, Antoine Pai, Christophe Gerber, Arthur Karakoumouchian, Dan Curwin, Andre Lotterer, Erwin Wijnants, Kenny Schachter, Frank Cassidy, Gerhard Kratzwald, Jean-Claude Fourniaud, Jean-Marie Grudé, Jeanette Walther, Jens-Paul Neugebauer, Joeri Smets, Julien Borne, Jurgen Barth, Nicolas Quiles, Marco Atzori, Nathalie Drouet-Lemercier, Niklas Ewertz, Robert Ameteau, Robin Walther, Steve Van Stappen, Thomas Seydoux, Thor Hushovd, Thorsten Strozik, Walter Röhrl and Wim Bayens

Simple, yet sublime. A great addition for your Porsche library. Each volume is a limited edition of 911 copies (numbered and signed by the author). You can buy the book directly from the author
at www.bartkuykens.com .


a Flat 6 love Affair volume 4 Book Cover a Flat 6 love Affair volume 4
Bart Kuykens
Bart Kuykens
December 2018
Hardcover, Limited Edition of 911 numbered and signed copies