Born : July 4 1910
Deceased : March 30 1986

Biography Ghislaine Kaes

Ghislaine Kaes was born in London, where his father, an Austrian, was the general importer of Austro Daimler vehicles. The family moved back to Austra and after school, Ghislaine Kaes learned book-keeping and shorthand.

When his uncle, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, working at Steyr at the time, wanted a secretary who could be trusted, he gave the job to his nephew Ghislaine Kaes. At the age of 19, that was Ghislaine Kaes first job.

When the Porsche firm was founded in Stuttgart in 1930, Ghislaine Kaes went with it. He was the right-hand man of the highly gifted engineer and accompanied him oral hist most important trips. During the war he refused to change his English passport and he was at the Professor’s deathbed on January 30th 9151, probably having known the old professor better than any other man.

Ghislaine Kaes stayed with Porsche and brought the first Porsche 356 to England in 1953, delivering it in person to Charles Meisl. Ghislaine Kaes can be seen as the founder of the Porsches archives. He built up the largest archives about the early days of Volkswagen,and these documents still reside at the Porsche Archives.