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Mentioning the name of the author of the book “Ludvigsen’s Fast Friends” will grab your attention without any doubt. Karl Ludvigsen is an authority when it comes to automotive books. And on op of that, the masterpiece ‘Excellence was expected’ was written by Karl Ludvigsen.  Ludvigsen’s career as an author and automotive journalist started over 50 years ago. In this timespan,  as a he  met numerous motorsport legends.  

Karl Ludvigsen Rückspiegel
Cover of the German version titled “Rückspiegel”


When Karl Ludvigsen wanted to look back ( “Rückspiegel”) at his career, and the iconic people he got in touch with, the number of stories he wanted to tell was huge. So he had to make a decision which story would make it to the book. Ludvigsen himself decided that his look in the rear-view mirror would be the most interesting when he told the stories about his fast friends, the race drivers.

Ludvigsen tells stories about some of the pilots he met during his career, some of them becoming close friends : Juan Miguel Fangio, Stirling Moss, Jacky Stewart, Bruce McLaren, Dan Gurney are just some of the names you’ll learn more about. So for the true Porsche enthusiast, no this is not a Porsche book. However, we cannot imagine someone who has running Porsche blood in his veins, is not interested in the stories of the ‘Fast Friends’ of Karl Ludvigsen.

Review based on the German version “Ludvigsen Rückspiegel”, available in English too. 


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Karl Ludvigsen's Fast Friends Book Cover Karl Ludvigsen's Fast Friends
Karl E. Ludvigsen
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March 7, 2019