Porsche 914 day at the Porsche museum

“Typical Porsche Day”

Next to the 50th anniversary of the almighty Porsche 917, there is more to celebrate in Zuffenhausen. Exactly 50 years ago, the Porsche 914 was presented for the first time to the public too. 
To celebrate that anniversary, the Porsche Museum hosts a special exhibition “50 Years of the 914 – Typically Porsche”. The special exhibition opened last June 2. Over 100 Porsche 914s joined the party at the museum in Zuffenhausen. 

Porsche 914 owners, and enthusiasts could attend some expert panels on the Porsche 914. Experts like race engineer Roland Kussmaul, chassis developer and race driver Hans Clausecker, as well as engineer and race driver Günter Steckkönig shared their knowledge. Jürgen Lewandowski, who recently published the book “50 Jahre Porsche 914 / 50 years Porsche”, joined the panel. Together with other experts, they looked back at the genesis of the Porsche 914, the heroic moments in motorsport. They discussed about  the future of the mid-engined concept at Porsche and investigated why the mid-engined configuration, design, technology and lifestyle are typically Porsche today. 

The Porsche Museum shows a dozen special exhibits in the Museum. there is the first 914 ever built and one of the 2Porsche prototypes with eight-cylinder racing engine. Another exhibit will be the Porsche 914/6 GT.  Also appearing will be a privately-owned reconstruction project with a 350 PS V8 engine from a 928 GTS as well as a 916. The VW Porsche also inspired the renowned car designer Albrecht Graf von Goertz and the French coachbuilder Heuliez to design their own 914 sports car creations, which will also be on display. 

You can visit the special exhibition in the Porsche Museum till July 7th. 

Picture gallery Porsche 914 day

Pictures courtesy Rüdiger Mayer, author of the Racing & Recipes book.