Porsche Days Francorchamps 2019

All weather conditions at the 19th Porsche Days Francorchamps

It is hard to deny. The Porsche Days Francorchamps have become a certainty in the agenda of Porsche fans in Belgium. During our 1 day visit on Sunday, we noticed visitors from the Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Great-Britain.. and we are sure there were more countries represented. The visitors to the Porsche Days Francorchamps 2019 that spent several days at the track, experienced diverse weather conditions. We even saw pictures in the snow… 


Track Time

With over 350 cars on the track during the different track-sessions, there was no lack of action on the tarmac. The pilots took over 600 passengers in their car. To continue in number, there were close to 5000 track hours to complete over 12.000 laps on the most beautiful track of the world.  Approximately 550 Porsche’s with 1500 passengers joined the Parade laps on Sunday. It is great to see that many Porsche’s of all ages on the track. On the other hand, I can imagine it is rather boring to drive a race-track at a speed you use to drive at the parking-lot of a shopping mall. Anyway, for many a parade like this is a unique opportunity to experience track-time. 

Race experience with Jürgen Barth

The authors of the Schnell mal Essen - Racing and Recipes book, ready for track fun
The authors of the Schnell mal Essen – Racing and Recipes book, ready for track fun

Among Porsche drivers, Jürgen Barth is a name that sounds like a clock. Drive for Miles, the charity organization, invited Jürgen Barth to the Porsche Days Francorchamps. Barth pilots a Porsche 911 GT2 RS and a Porsche 911 GT3 RS  at speeds most passengers can’t even imagine. Visitors could pay for a drive with the Le Mans 24H winner, all proceeds of the laps went to the Drive for Miles organization. With a big smile, Jürgen Barth tells the passengers this is just a warm-up lap for him… The proceeds 

Commercial Village at the Porsche Days Francorchamps


The commercial village was a combination of a small vendors row, and a museum. Among the vendors we noticed  Rüdiger Mayer, the co-author of the Schnell mal Essen – Racing & Recipes book, who came all the way from Stuttgart. In the middle of the commercial village, some amazing Porsches were on display.. from a very early Porsche 356 up to a Porsche 918 Spyder..

Picture gallery Porsche Days Francorchamps

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography