Porsches rule the streets during the 2020 Paradis Porsche in Saint-Tropez

The 2nd weekend of October, St-Tropez in the South of France was the setting for the 27th Paradis Porsche.  It all started October 10 1993, when some members of the, then, very young Club “911 Méditerranée” organized,  a Porsche rally in Saint-Tropez. The President at the time, Michel Gemignani, decided to call it “Porsche Paradise of  Saint-Tropez”, after an idea by SonAuto, a former Porsche importer and representative in France. Approximately 180 cars attended the event at the time. Among them were some names like Paul Frère, who lived in the close-by Monaco at the time, Jürgen Barth, and the Alméras brothers. That first edition was a huge succes, and the start of a tradition that continues today. 

A tradition continues

Paradis Porsche 2020
Paradis Porsche 2020 event poster

“Paradis Porsche” is included in the official Porsche AG event calendar, and takes place every 2nd weekend of october. It is included in the official calendar of Porsche A.G. and always takes place on the second weekend of October. The event used to bring together more than 500 Porsches. That number excludes the cars outside the park, who travel to visit the “Paradis Porsche” without registering. And even this year, where most of the car events could not take place for obvious reasons,  dozens and dozens of Porsches gathered in the south of France. 

A variety of colors on the streets in Saint-Tropez

After so many years, it was clear that the Porsche Paradise is inseparable from Saint-Tropez! Porsches from all over France, and beyound, registered to be part of the largest Porsche only event in France. The organization choose “Cabriolets” as the theme for the event. And to continue the previous editions of “Paradis Porsche” that had the colors “White”, “in Blue”, “Passion Red” and “Sunshine Yellow” associated to the theme event,  “Green” was the theme-color for this edition. 

Obviously not only green Porsches showed up. As you can see in the picture gallery, a wide variety of colors brightened up the event. Most of the cars were quite modern, but you could spot some earlier Porsche 356 too.  In the different booths, one could eat, or drink some wine or champagne. There was absolutely no lack on goodies or souvenirs to be bought. And autograph collectors queued in a line to have a picture, book or miniature signed by one of the great French Porsche drivers : Gérard Larousse

Saint-Tropez proved again to be a unique place and a magical setting for the largest Porsche reunion in France. And that will not change in the future, so keep an eye on the website of the Porsche Club Méditerranée to register for the 2021 Paradis Porsche

Picture gallery 2020 Porsche Paradis Saint-Tropez (France)

Pictures courtesy Rudiger Mayer (www.only-porsche-books.com)