Nicolas Hunziker , an artist fueled by passion…

A visit to Hunziker workshop

The complete LA Lit and Toy Show weekend is far more than just the Literature and Toy Show at the Hilton LAX. It is a weekend that is filled with open houses and events. And what all these  have in common, can be  abbreviated in just a few words .. a passion for Porsche. And one of the places where you can feel that passion like nowhere else is at Nicolas Hunziker’s workshop.  A place that is fueled by passion, and just for that more than worth the visit. 

Nowadays, Nicolas Hunziker is more than an artist. Ofcourse he is known for his typical style of painting. But paintings is not the only artwork that a petrolhead can have from Hunziker. Yes all is inspired by the paintings and design of Nicolas Hunziker. Together with his wife Heather, Hunziker estables Hunziker Design. The collection not only includes t-shirts. You can have shoes decorated by Hunziker too. How ’bout some mobile phone cases, or a coffee mug with your favorite Porsche race car on it ? All products in the Hunziker Design collection have the Hunziker genes. And that means they radiate motorsports. 

Nicolas Hunziker 2020
BRM watches with dial and box, handpainted by Nicolas Hunziker

Eyecatchers at Nicolas Hunziker’s workshop during our visit were the original Porsche 917 bonnets, painted by the master himself. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have such a bonnet on your wall? Sure, but you’ll have to dig deep in your wallet to get one of those too.  Just as previous year, the co-author of the Jürgen Barth “Racing&Recipes” cook-book presented his work and was anxious to tell you more about this original book. 

Picture Gallery of our visit to Nicolas Hunziker

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography