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At the last Paris Retromobile vintage car show, the publisher Whitefly presented its most recent book “Porsche Argentina” in a series of books which describe the relationship bteween differnt makes in Argentina. Previous books had makes as Ferrari , Alfa Romeo and Bugatti as main subject.

Ofcourse when you hear about cars and Argentina, you think about what must be one of the best-ever and certainly among the best known race pilots, Juan Manuel Fangio. No one immediately thinks about Porsche , however, back in the late 40s of last century, Ferdinand Porsche designed the mid-engined Cisitalie Grand-Prix car for a italian industrial Perio Dusio.Without going in too much detail, economy went bad in Italy and Dusio had contacts with the argentina government to open a factory in the provence of Buenos Aires.. it’s a really fascinating story about the Cisitalia and how the car was sold from the Péron garages in a more or less illegal way to the Porsche factory.

While reading the book, you constantly discover some great stories, anecdotes and facts about Porsche really worthwile to know if you are intrested in Porsche history. I bet few people knew about a ‘argentina’ Porsche, the Porsche Teram with the bodywork and chassis built in Argentina, all other part integrally manufactured by Porsche, or have you heard form the Zunder ? Another Argentina vechicle, built with Porsche mechanics. The Porsche-Teram still had somehow the Porsche looks, the Zunder definitely doesn’t.

Besides the complete history, written in a way you just can’t stop reading, both because of the intresting subject and the good style, the book has dozens of pictures. Many of the pictures derive from the Porsche archives, and lots of the pictures are from Sout-American sources like former pilots, mechanics, importers and so on.

Especially if you are into history, and you like the races and the cars of the early years of Porsche, this book is a must have on your book shelves. Few books count more intresting pictures of the Porsche 550 Spyder and tells so much detailed history.


Author : Cristian Bertschi & Estanislao Iacona
Publisher : www.whitefly.cc
Language : Spanish & English
Pages : 294 pages with 228 bw pictures and a hardback cover
ISBN : 978-98723378-3-4

Porsche Argentina Book Cover Porsche Argentina
Cristian Bertschi & Estanislao Iacona