Ciney Rétromoteur

The Ciney Rétromoteur is an annual event at the Ciney Expo, that takes place the Whitsun weekend. Many classic car enthusiasts in Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, the Netherlands and France plan this event every year in their agenda. And there are enough reasons for doing so. Even though you can visit classic car events all year round, The Ciney Rétromoteur has something special. 

At an event like Ciney Rétromoteur, chances are great that you will find that little piece you have been hunting for since a long time. The hundreds of exhibitors, both showing their goods indoor or at a spot outdoor, carry thousands of parts, toys, literature, memorabilia. Very important: most of the times the prices are still good. Of course, once and a while there will be a guy who thinks he has gold in his hands. That’s the one who will be packing his stuff and take it back home after the show.  

Visitors spend easily half a day at the premises of the Ciney Expo to visit the Rétromoteur. And seen the diversity of the goods offered, you’ll have to be alert to find the stuff you are looking for. Few exhibitors are organized in a way to make it easy for you to dig up a piece from the piles of material they offer for sale Hard to explain, but why not go take a look next year. 

Picture Gallery Ciney Rétromoteur 2019

Pictures by Wilfried Geerts