Open House European Collectibles 2017

Open House European Collectibles 2017

The weekend of the LA Lit and Toy Show is a weekend that Porsche fans from all over the world gather in the larger Los Angeles area to be part of one of the largest annual Porsche weekends worldwide.  The weekend is not only known for the main event but all over the area, Porsche restoration companies jumped on the train and made sure the visitors to the LA Lit Show would come visit their place too. After we visited the California Porsche Restorations on thursday, and events like the Nicolas Hunziker open house and the John Willhoit’s Restorations Open House, the Saturday late afternoon is marked in many agenda’s as the European Collectibles Open House.

European Collectibles in Costa Mesa opens the gates in Costa Mesa at 4PM, but even an hour before the official opening of the premises, there’s folks walking around in Babcock Street to make sure to get in early. This year European Collectibles once again managed to show a large inventory of early Porsches.  In the buildings the better cars find a good show place. Nick Clémence showed his personal Porsche 550 Spyder. The car was subject to a 10 year nut and bolt restoration, and is in a pristine condition with only 12.700 kilometers on the taco. Just seeing that car paid of the ride betweent the LA Hilton and Costa Mesa.

Open House European Collectibles 2017 - Porsche 550-0075
Open House European Collectibles 2017 – Porsche 550-0075

It was great to see a car that may be familiar to most of you Porsche fans too. A Porsche 356B showed that the original owner was Hans Truol. Maybe at first, this name won’t tell you anything. But you’ll definitely know the black/white picture of skiërs jumping over a Porsche..  Well, the photographer of that picture was Hans Truol. So odds are quite high that the car on display at the European Collectibles was the car on that legendary picture.

In case you ‘ve visited the European Collectibles before, you’ll know that a 4-cam engine is not a rarity there. Nothing else this year, with at least 5 4-cam Carrera engines waiting to be installed in a car. Amazing. Not only the load of great cars  at European Collectibles, but the hospitality is fantastic too. Burgers, taco’s, and soft drinks as much as you want. The European Collectibles Open House should be on your list for the LA Lit and Toy Show weekend in 2018.

Open House European Collectibles 2017

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography


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