Porsche Sound Nacht 2018

Close to 4000 visitors witness an absolute spectacle

We admit, we were a bit sceptical about the Porsche Sound Nacht 2018 as soon as we knew the event would not take place in the Porsche Museum. Instead it moved to the much bigger Porsche Arena. At first we believed the Porsche Sound Nacht 2018 would  give way to conviviality and experience. However, that was not the reality.  The Porsche Sound Nacht is in essence an event where Porsches from the Porsche Museum collection are brought on stage. Pilots and engineers that used to race or work on the cars tell a story about it, and then the engine is fired up and revved up during about a minute to let the audience experience the sound. It may sound rather dull to many. However, so far none of the 7 editions was dull or boring. On the contrary. And now in 2018 in the Porsche Arena, Porsche brought the Porsche Sound Nacht to the superlatives. From the very first minute, when a white Porsche Panamera Shooting Brake drove into the Porsche Arena, we realized this would not be the same event it used to be. Where the previous events were quite static, due to the limited space in the Porsche Museum, the Porsche Sound Nacht 2018 was much more dynamic. 

The start of the Porsche Sound Nacht 2018, making live music on a Porsche Panamera Shooting Brake.


The Porsche Sound Nacht started with a drum show. Some 5 people dressed in grey started drumming and beating on the car while the music was shouting out of the speakers. Later the 2 speakers of the Porsche Sound Nacht, Walter Zipser and Lina Van de Mars learned us that the music was played live The Porsche Panamera Shooting Brake was equipped with sensors, allowing the musicians to use the car as an instrument. Genius, isn’t it. And that was just the start. 

The Porsche Arena was transformed into a mini race-track, with a podium for the cars and  the guests in the middle. The different cars drove a lap on the track before rolling on the stage, where they were welcomed by the pilots and or drivers. These told some fascinating stories about the car on stage. Stories you’ll probably never read in the books, but are so fantastic to hear. And after the stories, the Porsche on stage is the main actor. The engine is fired up, and the revvs are brought up to let the audience hear what a Porsche sounds like. And the Porsche’s on stage are not the most regular ones.  You’ll find the sound of all the main actors in the Porsche Sound Nacht 2018 on the next few pages. And there’s more on our youtube channel

The Porsche 356 Number 1 Roadster at the Porsche Sound Nacht 2018

The very first car to come on stage was the Porsche 356 Number 1, the car it all started with June 8 1948. Walter Röhrl drove the car in the arena. The 90 year old Herbert Linge told us some stories about the early days of Porsche, even though he was never in Gmünd himself during his years at Porsche. 

The sound of the Porsche 804 F1 and Porsche 917KH on next page